If you want to spark game-changing growth,
you need to actually change consumers' minds.

Rooted in behavioral economics, our proprietary Triggers® processes are the only proven way to get there.

Brand Network™

Brand Triggers®
Strategic Process

Innovation Triggers®
Development Process

Digital Triggers®
Online Effectiveness

Brand Network™

Over twenty three years of research has resulted in Triggers®' discovery of networks of associations deep in our subconscious minds that exert a dominant influence over our decisions. Triggers®' Brand Network™ Indicator predicts whether a brand will grow or decline and helps clients manage the constellation of associations that exists in their consumers' minds.





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Brands with an abundance
of negative associations
often indicate a period of
stagnation or decline.


Brands with a balance of
negative associations are
vulnerable to competitors.


Brands with a greater amount
of positive associations
are usually growing and
often dominate their

Brand Triggers® - Strategic Process

Companies develop new brand strategies and positionings every day. But they're often disappointed when those strategies don't drive growth.

Brand Triggers® - Strategic Process is the only approach proven to actually change minds and drive disruptive growth. Having pioneered Triggers® twenty three years ago, Triggers® is still the only consultancy with a proven method for elevating brand perceptions. We've not only discovered the key to decision-making, we perfected the ability to bring competitive users into our clients' franchises.

Brand Triggers® - Strategic Process has three distinct phases culminating in highly precise deliverables that enable you to implement strategy effectively without veering off track.


Brand Triggers®
Strategic Process

Innovation Triggers®- Development Process

Generating new ideas is not the problem. The challenge is finding successful opportunities. Triggers®' Innovation Triggers® - Development Process is the only proven process for identifying and developing robust innovation platforms that yield years of sustainable growth. That's because we co-create breakthrough ideas together with Creative Consumers.

After generating hundreds of ideas with consumers at our BuildLive Lab™, we work with your R&D experts to narrow them down based on technical and financial feasibility. The strongest ideas are turned into fully positioned platforms inclusive of optimal language and imagery. The result is innovation that is not only further downstream, it builds on the master brand equity, delivering years of incremental growth.


Innovation Triggers®
Development Process


Digital Triggers®- Online Effectiveness

If you’re like many advertisers, you would like to put more emphasis on digital, but you’re concerned about the ROI. That’s where Digital Triggers®- Online Effectiveness comes in — to give you the precise codes and cues to tell your brand’s story online in seconds. Customized by platform, Digital Triggers®- Online Effectiveness distills your brand story down to a toolkit of the most succinct codes and cues for elevating your brand and driving conversion. Whether through paid, earned or owned media, Digital Triggers®- Online Effectiveness provides a clear content strategy for creating a distinctive visual brand identity across platforms - from apps and websites to social media and viral video.


Digital Triggers®
Online Effectiveness

Lots of companies provide
brand services today,
but Triggers®’ services consistently work.

We have a 23 year track record of results in brand strategy, innovation and activation.