We create brand strategies that not only create
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Founding Story
For twenty three years we’ve been driving
consistent growth for our clients.
As a brand manager in the 1980s, Leslie Zane saw brand-building differently from her supervisors and, like many unconventional thinkers, particularly female ones, her recommendations were often dismissed. Instead of using direct persuasion with consumers, Zane argued that indirect messages were more effective. Instead of representing reality, Zane proposed tapping into aspirational desires. Frustrated with the “hit or miss” nature of business initiatives and
confident that she could help, Zane set off on her own. In 1995, she pioneered and launched Triggers® - the first process proven to consistently change brand decisions at the subconscious level. As a consultant, Zane found greater receptivity to her ideas —especially after they kept producing tangible results. Over the past 23 years, Triggers® has, through its work with brands from McDonald’s to DirecTV, generated over $2bb dollars in incremental revenue.
our team
Meet the disruptors driving growth for the world’s biggest blue chip companies.
leslie zane
Founder & President

Nicknamed “Miss Question” by her business school classmates, Leslie Zane evolved into a marketing professional whose endless intellectual curiosity fueled her search for the elusive key to consumer decision-making. After spending years in brand management, Zane realized that business success was remarkably “hit or miss” and that even blue chip marketers lacked the knowledge to deliver consistent results. This drive inspired her to strike out on her own and found the Triggers® over 23 years ago. The culmination of Leslie’s journey was her discovery that the secret to building brands and attracting competitive users lay in consumers’ memories and that Triggers® could give clients the power to do something unprecedented — actually change consumers’ minds.

Tom Gosline
VP & Brand Strategist
Gosline is a respected brand and innovation specialist with a 20 year hands-on track record of building brands in U.S. and international markets. He joined Triggers® after being a client for a decade at PepsiCo and Kraft Foods. Previously, Gosline was Senior Director Experience Design at PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay and Director of Consumer and Shopper insights at Quaker. Gosline also spent a decade leading global innovation at Kraft. He received his BA from Northwestern and MBA from Kellogg.

Research Director
Bringing over 30 years of experience to Triggers®, Harris is considered one of the most respected moderators in the marketing industry today. She is highly regarded for her instinctive ability to identify the most fruitful paths for exploration and for her ability to bring deep psychological insights and imagery to the surface. Harris directs the research component of client projects from inception to completion. She received her MSW from NYU in clinical social work, with a specialty in family and group dynamics.

Christi Botello
Senior Director
Christi is a creative and strategic brand marketing executive who has been responsible for multiple large scale brand restages and launches over the last 16 years. With extensive experience in both large and small scale consumer product companies, she’s often been brought in as a “fixer” and creator to analyze complex business problems that have proven difficult to solve. Prior to joining Triggers®, Christi held leadership roles within world class CPG companies including P&G, Avon, and Revlon, as well as a start up in the personal care space, Hello Products.

1st use of Triggers® in business
1st to provide Category and Brand Triggers® growth strategy service to clients
1st and only proven method for switching brand preference
1st to provide brand imagery in deliverables
1st use of creative articulations in consumer research
1st and only company to put multi-sensory cues such as Image Triggers® in creative briefs
1st to discover the elusive key to changing consumers’ minds
We believe in the power of brands
to change and evolve.
This philosophy is ever-present in everything we do.