We create brand strategies that not only create emotional connections—they work!

Triggers® Philosophy

  • Every brand has untapped growth potential.

  • A penetration strategy creates more growth than getting existing customers to buy more.

  • Emotional benefits only work if they’re rooted in your product experience.

  • The right question to ask is not “how are your customers different” but rather how are they alike.

  • Design and visual identity are not merely "executional;" they’re the strategic responsibility of company leadership.

  • Mature and legacy brands have the power to become disruptors.

  • The only consultant worth your investment is the one that treats your business like their own.

  • The smallest nuances in customer habits often drive the largest innovations.

our team

Meet the people that are changing how marketing is done. A unique team of consultants with deep expertise in changing behavior and driving top-line growth. Averaging 15 to 30 years of experience inside and outside companies, they have the rare combination of analytical and activation skills need to jumpstart your business. No strategies too general to implement. No death by Powerpoint. Just people that are passionate about helping their clients—with the skills to deliver.

Leslie Zane

Founder and CEO

Leslie Zane has spent her career championing a new way to do marketing that’s faster, easier and more effective. Known as the “Pioneer of Instinct Marketing,” CEO Leslie Zane founded Triggers over 25 years ago on the premise that the conscious mind is unpersuadable and that leveraging people’s instincts is the key to sustainable growth. Like many unconventional thinkers, Zane’s ideas were often dismissed at the time.

Fast forward to today and Triggers, the first consultancy founded on behavioral science, has become the “go-to” for Fortune 100 companies trying to change resistant perceptions and drive conversion to their brand.

Zane and her company are the secret weapon behind some of the world’s most famous success stories -- McDonald's, Aquafina, and Snickers to name a few. With incremental revenue growth clients of $50bb and counting, Triggers®️ has helped companies overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges that other global consulting firms could not.

A Yale University and Harvard Business School graduate, Zane is a TEDx speaker, she has been published in the Harvard Business Review, Knowledge@Wharton, etc., and her first book The Instinct Advantage (working title) will be published by Hachette in Spring 2024.

Heather Coyle


Heather’s drive for re-imagining what’s possible and bringing it to fruition was by her late-stage ovarian cancer diagnosis at age 19.She made a commitment to herself that if she survived, she would dedicate herself to making healthcare a better experience for everyone – HCPs, patients, and their families. After 20 years in pharma and healthcare(e.g., J&J, CEO of a hospital system, etc.), she was thrilled to find that Triggers had the secret formula for driving breakout growth quickly and consistently.

As President of Triggers, Heather and the Triggers team leverage advanced principles of applied behavioral science to consistently deliver what top pharmaceutical and healthcare brands are craving right now – accelerated share and revenue growth without having to increase their budgets. By supercharging their HCP strategies with mental shortcuts, she helps her clients quickly achieve 2 to 3X their current growth rate.

Heather has been honored as a MM&M Hall of Femme inductee, an HBA Rising Star and was invited to judge the prestigious Effie Awards in 2021 and 2022.But she is most proud of raising her 4 daughters who inspire her every day. Heather holds a triple major BS and BA from Rutgers University.

Morgan Seamark

Managing Director

Morgan Seamark is Managing Director and Head of Business Development for Triggers Brand Consulting. He is part of the Executive Management Team and an advisor on several boards.

Morgan has spent his 25+ year career working at the best advertising and digital agencies in both North America and Western Europe.

He has held Senior Leadership positions at some of the most creatively renowned agencies in the world including BBDO, Proximity, Havas & Y&R.

Morgan believes that great creative (And creative strategy) can be a competitive advantage and an economic multiplier. He has a track record of delivering famous global brand platforms across every channel one can imagine and his work has been recognized by the Effies, the One Show, the Webby’s, the Caples and Cannes. He has delivered outstanding business results for brands like P&G, Gillette, Lowe’s, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Keurig, RB, Campbells and CVS Health.

Morgan has direct experience in launching new products, retail, insurance, travel, financial services, healthcare, pharmacy, automotive, packaged goods, consumer electronics and Saas.

Morgan is married with two lovely daughters, is a Peloton addict, likes to hack his way around the odd golf course, play ice hockey, ski and travel.

Kelsey Sullivan

Vice President

Kelsey is a seasoned strategist, who came from Human Design, where she was Head of Strategy. While there, she built a strategic insights team from the ground up, evolving the company from a design shop to a full-service agency. Kelsey and her team drove successful reframes for many innovative brands from Nanit, a smart-tech baby monitor, and Finance of America’s reverse mortgages to Smartwool’s “Do What Feels Natural” campaign.

Before joining Human, Kelsey worked at Egg Strategy, uncovering consumer insights that drove action across healthcare, entertainment, food and beverage, beauty and household products. Before Egg, she worked at The Cambridge Group – a growth strategy consultancy in Chicago. Kelsey has a BA from Miami University of Ohio and an MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg.

Our Story

For 25 years we’ve been driving consistent growth for our clients.

As a brand manager in the 1980s, Leslie Zane saw brand-building differently from the rest of the industry and, like many unconventional thinkers, her recommendations were often dismissed. Instead of direct persuasion, Zane argued that indirect messages were more effective with consumers. Instead of judging products and content on likes and dislikes, she found that positive associations were a better predictor of purchase.

In 1995, seven years before Daniel Kahneman won the Nobel Prize for his “System One” thinking, Zane pioneered and launched TRIGGERS®—the only proven method for changing instinctive customer behavior and increasing market share. It was also the first brand strategy firm founded by a woman. TRIGGERS® has a 25-year track record as practitioners (not just theorists) of behavioral science, boosting top-line growth consistently.

We believe in the power of brands to change and evolve.

This philosophy is ever-present in everything we do.

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