We create brand strategies that not only create emotional connections—they work!

Triggers® Philosophy

  • Every brand has untapped growth potential.

  • A penetration strategy creates more growth than getting existing customers to buy more.

  • Emotional benefits only work if they’re rooted in your product experience.

  • The right question to ask is not “how are your customers different” but rather how are they alike.

  • Design and visual identity are not merely "executional;" they’re the strategic responsibility of company leadership.

  • Mature and legacy brands have the power to become disruptors.

  • The only consultant worth your investment is the one that treats your business like their own.

  • The smallest nuances in customer habits often drive the largest innovations.

our team

Meet the people that are changing how marketing is done. A unique team of consultants with deep expertise in changing behavior and driving top-line growth. Averaging 15 to 30 years of experience inside and outside companies, they have the rare combination of analytical and activation skills need to jumpstart your business. No strategies too general to implement. No death by Powerpoint. Just people that are passionate about helping their clients—with the skills to deliver.

Leslie Zane

Founder & President

Nicknamed “Miss Question” by her business school classmates, Leslie Zane’s endless intellectual curiosity fueled her search for the elusive key to changing customer behavior. Working in brand management for blue chip companies, Zane found success to be remarkably “hit or miss.” So she struck out on her own and founded Triggers® to help companies create consistent success. Over the past 25 years, the company has developed a track record in accelerating growth through its unique expertise in changing instinctive brand purchase. Leslie received her BA from Yale University and her MBA from Harvard Business School.

Tom Gosline

VP & Brand Strategist

Gosline is a respected brand and innovation specialist with a 25 year hands-on track record of building brands in U.S. and international markets. He joined TRIGGERS® after being a client for a decade at PepsiCo and Kraft Foods. Previously, Gosline was Senior Director Experience Design at PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay and Director of Consumer and Shopper Insights at Quaker. Gosline also spent a decade leading global innovation at Kraft. He received his BA from Northwestern and MBA from Kellogg.


Research Director

Bringing over 30 years of experience to TRIGGERS®, Harris is considered one of the most respected researchers in the marketing industry today. She is highly regarded for her deep psychological insights and memory elicitation work. Harris directs the research component of client projects from inception to completion. She received her MSW from NYU in psychology and clinical social work, with a specialty in family and group dynamics.

Christi Botello

Senior Director

Christi is a creative and strategic brand marketing executive who has been responsible for multiple large scale brand restages and launches over the last 16 years. With extensive experience in both large and small scale companies, she’s often been brought in as a “fixer” to analyze complex business problems and solve them. Prior to joining TRIGGERS®, Christi held leadership roles within world class CPG companies including P&G and Revlon, as well as a start up in the personal care, Hello Products.

Heather Coyle

Managing Partner

Heather Coyle came to TRIGGERS® with over 20 years of strategic global healthcare branding, communications, and commercialization experience. Her diverse leadership background in HCP, DTC and DTP marketing, digital strategy, payor strategy, pharmaceutical sales, medical education and publication planning has provided her with an exceptional ability to address brand challenges and that drive measurable change in behavior for all target audiences. Prior to joining TRIGGERS® Coyle held leadership roles at Coordinated Health, Evoke Health Group, Cline Davis and Mann, and others.

Our Story

For 25 years we’ve been driving consistent growth for our clients.

As a brand manager in the 1980s, Leslie Zane saw brand-building differently from the rest of the industry and, like many unconventional thinkers, her recommendations were often dismissed. Instead of direct persuasion, Zane argued that indirect messages were more effective with consumers. Instead of judging products and content on likes and dislikes, she found that positive associations were a better predictor of purchase.

In 1995, seven years before Daniel Kahneman won the Nobel Prize for his “System One” thinking, Zane pioneered and launched TRIGGERS®—the only proven method for changing instinctive customer behavior and increasing market share. It was also the first brand strategy firm founded by a woman. TRIGGERS® has a 25-year track record as practitioners (not just theorists) of behavioral science, boosting top-line growth consistently.

We believe in the power of brands to change and evolve.

This philosophy is ever-present in everything we do.

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