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All TRIGGERS® services are powered by instinctive behavioral data which elevates the effectiveness of every marketing dollar you spend.

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Strategy Services

  • Acquisition Assessment

    Companies are spending top dollar for acquisitions, but often don’t discover a brand’s challenges until after they’ve bought it. Rather than relying on external market information, TRIGGERS® Acquisition Assessment goes inside the brand to evaluate how easy or difficult it will be to convert new users and drive future growth. With valuation calibration as well as negotiation considerations, our brand acquisition briefs and Brand Growth Index provide you with the best look under the hood you can get before you buy.

  • Brand Purpose

    A great Brand Purpose is not only inspirational, it also accelerates growth. Our GrowthPurpose™ work overcomes customer barriers and leverages brand drivers to actually build the business.

  • Brand Strategy

    Millions of dollars are spent on marketing today often without really knowing what drives the brand. Our strategic work reveals the mental barriers and hidden drivers that need to be addressed to increase new customer conversion. (Ask about our Brand Connectome service). Plus we provide the activation guidance to implement our recommended strategies so you can get more immediate results. (See TRIGGERS® Toolkit below.)

  • Digital Strategy

    Digital technologies are transforming every aspect of business—and companies are working hard to keep pace. But keeping up isn’t enough. TRIGGERS® helps you gain a competitive advantage by anticipating what the digital future can look like for your company. And, because of our expertise, we help you design solutions that help you convey your brand’s distinctive brand assets across all your digital touchpoints.

  • Revenue Growth

    There are multiple pathways to incremental growth, and contrary to popular belief, many don’t require increasing your marketing investment. From adjacent categories to new customer targets, we unlock new waves of growth for mature, legacy brands and help new brands scale more quickly.

  • Sales And Marketing Strategy

    The line between Sales and Marketing is becoming increasingly blurred and the two need to work together more closely than ever. From helping you focus on high growth potential customers to changing customers’ instinctive loyalty to competitors, we give your Sales team the tools to increase their effectiveness. Whether you’re selling to consumers, health care professionals or B to B buyers, the real purchase drivers are beneath the surface.

  • TRIGGERS® University

    Behavioral science is not a passing fad; it’s the future of marketing. We teach Marketing and Insight departments how to analyze their businesses using an instinctive marketing lens. From innovation to activation, we help your team understand how people really make decisions and give them the evolved marketing principles that will help them improve results in every activity they do.

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Innovation Services

  • Concept Development

    Great concept development is part art, part science. Our concepts consistently score in the top tier of the Bases database and outperform company norms. And, because they’re more precise and further downstream, they give you a better prediction of how your brand, new product or service will actually perform in the market.

  • Innovation

    Why do so many new products and services fail? While consumers love progress, they often reject new ideas. Our innovation practice discovers breakthrough opportunities that connect with consumers instinctively. And, instead of one-off product ideas, we develop robust platforms that yield multiple years of resource-efficient growth.

  • Trend Tours

    If you want to learn about our trends, you have to get out there and experience them. From chefs and style mavens, to healthcare specialists and car aficionados, our expert panels and immersions help you identify cutting edge trends ahead of the curve.

  • BuildLive Lab

    When you need innovation, you need it fast. Our BuildLIVE™ Lab generates hundreds of ideas with creative consumers overnight. And because expert designers work alongside consumers, your R&D team walks away with a clear vision and guidelines for what to create.

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Activation Services

  • Activation

    Marketers are in continuous activation mode today but an estimated 75% of it doesn’t move the needle. Our TRIGGERS® Toolkit™ provides the hierarchy of precise communication elements that increase distinctive brand assets and conversion across touchpoints. So you can achieve a more cohesive and effective brand across agencies and internal content teams.

  • Brand Book Development

    A brand book should be more than a guide to your brand’s logos and color palette. It should provide a visual identity that consistently elevates perceptions and bring new customers into the franchise.

  • Customer Experience

    A lot of customer experience work improves satisfaction but seldom drives real growth. TRIGGERS® looks at Customer Experience holistically—encompassing instinctive drivers of brand preference, so it not only helps existing customers, it brings in new ones.

  • Digital Activation

    Today’s digital marketing efforts are often hit or miss. And lack of content effectiveness is a major part of it. Our Digital TRIGGERS® Toolkit™ helps you create “thumb-stopping” content for each digital touchpoint, not simply to increase clicks, but to drive purchases and ROI on every dollar you spend.

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